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29 January 2006 @ 11:22 pm
strike the match, go on and do it!  
1: My roommate always happens to be in the room when I want privacy. When I want to be in the room with Brett, she's always like, "Well, I'm going to bed now", even when it's like 10pm. And when she has her boyfriend over in the room, and I want to go to bed, it's like I can't say anything. It makes me really mad that she basically owns OUR room...and acts so nonchalant whenever I ask if she's sleeping in the room. It's almost as if now that I have a boyfriend, she's trying to foil my efforts to have him in the room. And it really pisses me the hell off.
And now I'm not sure if I want to room with her anymore next year. If I make that decision, I need to tell her and then decide who I do want to room with...which is tough. I almost think I would get along better rooming with a guy, but I don't think that could be arranged. I kind of wondered about rooming with Cassie, but then I realized that I would be sexiled ALL THE TIME. But then again, I would want somebody who would understand if I wanted to fuck in my room. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I also think that I really pissed off Autumn tonight at the end of Grey's Anatomy. I called Dr. (Female) Shepherd a bitch, and she was like "blah blah blah tone it down blah blah blah..." And I was like "da da da who cares" Whatever I said, she was really mad and stormed off. I went and sat next to Desiree on the floor and started doing my silent laugh thing where I laugh silently for like 4758237 hours and then start to gasp for breath. I almost felt bad about laughing except she was really annoying me. Hmm.

grades parents brett being annoyed with everybody Uncle Same Grandma voice lessons roommate situation laundry prairie advocate poetry submission my kidneys crying rape not being able to come back to Cornell this year getting in shape girls being korean boys are stupid drinking lack of respect being ignored Being Ignored BEING IGNORED.
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